Author: Cathrin Gräf

Scientists and academics sit in their ivory towers and ponder things which no-one else understands? Far from it! Research explores the world around us and is meant to be experienced. Lectures from all five faculties are being held in Nicolaus-Copernicus-Planetarium on the occasion of the 275th anniv...

Ein Hoch auf die Kreativität der FAU! Studierende, Alumni und Beschäftigte haben zum Jubiläumsjahr das Universitätsmotto „Wissen in Bewegung“ für den gleichnamigen Filmwettbewerb in bewegten Bildern eingefangen. Alle eingesandten Filme werden bei der FAU-Filmnacht im Großen Saal der Kulturwerkstatt auf AEG gezeigt.

During the Long Night of Science, citizens from around the region come to the University. In its jubilee year, FAU wants to go where the people are! For one day each, FAU will expand the offerings of the marketplaces of Erlangen, Fürth and Nuremberg.

Together with students, school pupils and other volunteers, FAU researchers are building a life-size Roman patrol and convoy boat according to the principles of the ancient history Professor, Dr. Boris Dreyer, with the support of the city of Erlangen, the Unibund, and Sparkasse Erlangen. In May, the ship will be launched as ‘Fridericiana Alexandrina Navis’ (FAN) and make its maiden voyage.

After the gala concert to mark the beginning of the year of anniversary celebrations in January, the academic choir will be holding another concert for FAU's anniversary during the summer semester. On Thursday, 28 June 2018 at 8pm.

The jubilee year begins with an international scientific symposium on the topic ’Future of Research - Research of the Future’. As the focus is interdisciplinarity: FAU scientists from all disciplines, together with international colleagues, will look at the future of research.