‘Knowledge in Motion’: book presentation on the Dies Academicus (4 November 2018)

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In 1993, the ‘History of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg 1743-1993’ was published by Prof. Dr. Alfred Wendehorst, the long-standing professor of the Department of Bavarian and Franconian History as well as the university archivist. Since then, a quarter of a century has passed. This gap in university history will be closed on this anniversary by one of FAU’s most celebrated historians, Prof. Dr. Gregor Schöllgen, with the book ‘Wissen in Bewegung. 275 Jahre FAU’. Covering the past 25 years, Professor Schöllgen will focus on the university’s important achievements, and the people behind these achievements, their motivations and how they pursued their visions. Extending this research, Professor Schöllgen will speak with a series of personalities who have given the FAU its public face and profile over the past 25 years. The book will be published by a renowned German publisher.

Time: 4 November 2018

Location: Aula Schloss, Erlangen