Cheers! – a birthday beer for FAU

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Image:: FAU/Kurt Fuchs

It even says so in the bible: man cannot live from bread alone. Beer is needed to go with it – especially if there is something to celebrate. Young brewers from the Chair of Bioprocess Engineering at FAU  decided to give their University a very special gift for its 275th birthday: its own anniversary beer.

As the brewing facilities at the Chair do not have the capacity to cater for a University with 50,000 members, they have enlisted the help of traditional Erlangen-based brewery Kitzmann-Bräu. After tasting five different recipes at the Chair headed by Prof. Dr. Kathrin Castiglione, a smooth beer with an unusually fruity aroma from a special type of hop – the Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand – was chosen.

The name of the beer has also been decided. More than 2,000 students cast their vote: the beer is to be called ‘helles Köpfchen’ (bright spark). We can hardly wait until the beer is ready at the beginning of May: ‘helles Köpfchen’ is to be presented officially to the public on 5 May – at the first knowledge market day at the Erlangen market. From then on, beer lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy the beer at the various anniversary celebrations at FAU, including this year’s Schlossgartenfest. It will also be available for purchase at selected outlets, so why not splash out on some beer for your own private barbecue? We just hope 140 hectolitres are enough to last until the end of the year.